New Headshots Shot Tomorrow!

Sunday Morning Sunshine :)
Sunday Morning Sunshine 🙂

Tuesdays are my acting-craft days. Well, all days are acting-craft days while I’ve been down here, but Tuesdays are especially special-to-me days. Tomorrow is Tuesday!

I have a photo shoot with a photographer in DTLA tomorrow morning, then I have class in studio city in the evening. I am really excited to get my headshots taken. I have grown a lot while I’ve been here and I’m ready to put my grown-up goofy self out there. I am going to look top game. “In order to get a million bucks, you need to look like one-million bucks.”

So I have my eyebrows done and my nails polished and my 2 nice outfits picked out and I’m ironing them now. I know what kind of shots I want and what thoughts I want to do. My roommate and I had a little mock-shoot last night (she’s so sweet!). Lots of water and I’m going to sleep soon.

I am prepped and ready to succeed!

New Headshots Shot Tomorrow!

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