Let’s go, LA, let’s go!

I got back to town this week after a little hiatus and I am looking at this town from a goal-oriented mindset. I am a story teller.  I’m a decent story teller, too. I like to tell stories about people with ideas and thoughts.  I like to tell stories with other people; I like working in teams.  I want to find a team that where we all are allowed to put 100% of our efforts in to create something great.  Communication and honesty are good qualities when working with a team for a common goal. As I’m working through the day, which is mostly cleaning houses, I like to imagine cleaning in a castle or a dungeon or a ship and I make up stories to fit it.  It helps that I am working on a script from Orange Is The Black for class. So much to do now! I have to study lines, study and take my certification test and pass it, while concurrently applying for auditions and jobs, social media, work, work out, email, research research research. I’m not the best at any of these things. Yet. But I’m back and am sure working on changing that status. Cheers to another eventful week! Sincerely, Katie Ghi!

Gotta have some style to get by :)
Gotta have some style to get by 🙂
Let’s go, LA, let’s go!

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