Woooo Saaahhhh….

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I went to an audition today for this really cool-seeming up and coming college-age director.  The movie seems like it will be really cool and dramatic, judging on the indiegogo film campaign he is running.

I did decently, I think. I had two monologues and I knew the lines cold. But as I got closer to getting in front of the people behind the waiting room door, my heart started pumping faster and I was rearing to go.  It was a rush when I got in. Not much conversation this time.  Straight and to the point.  That’s the way I like it, but it hasn’t happened that way very often for me.  Most times, they want to talk and find a bit about you first, and so I’ve been trying to master that.  But this was not that and I found it really conducive to my performance.  Thank you, director!

Next up is studying this book and taking the test. 

horoscope blog graphicsP.S. It’s a good day for Virgos 😉

Woooo Saaahhhh….

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