Good days afoot!

LA Cityscape

Hello All!

Wow, it’s good to be back writing to you again. A lot has happened in this huge, enormous, gigantic city full of so many different people you wouldn’t even know who to shake a fist at first if you wanted to shake your fist.  I have found, over the last 6 months, that it is particularly hard to get settled in dear Los Angeles.  Over that time, I have lived in five different places, located all throughout LA: North, South, East, and West I have seen it! It never fails to amaze me how sprawling this city is.

But I feel like I am finally starting to get settled.  I have a place, at least, in a decent location that’s pretty centrally located, so I can get to where I need to be in a “timely” fashion.  Timely, in Los Angeles terms, takes into account traffic and rush hour and usually adds on an extra half hour at least.  But that’s alright, it’s just an obstacle.

I have started networking more and am really meeting some great people in the film/television industry.  I am working with people on scripts, going over lines, going all over to auditions, and job hunting! I’ve been expanding my horizons via public transportation , which really provides fodder for people-watching; it’s great.

Oh, also I just wrapped a two-week shoot on a student film in which I was the main character! The project is now in post-production and I will need to go in for pickups around October, and the final product is projected to be completed in November and ready for screening.  I will keep you posted.  The experience was so wonderful and something I definitely want to repeat and refine.

Thanks for checking in and reading, I hope you all are well!


Katie Ann

An on-set pic of me getting my bruises put on, by talented makeup artist Chris Butler.
An on-set pic of me getting my bruises put on, by talented makeup artist Chris Butler.

_MS_7125 _MS_7055 _MS_6964

Good days afoot!

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