Hello, Dear New Year!!


To my lovely readers-near & far,


          Alright, 2017, we’ve all been waiting, and now it has arrived a beautiful January butterfly. We’re ready for all the challenges this year has to bring and all the surprises and adventures among which we will surely find ourselves.


         Okay okay, you got me, I’m an optimist!! And you can’t shake me down, so don’t even try.  I’ve lived in this challenging city for two years now and I have got the major things like rent, bills, networks, and lots of acting figured out (finally!), so I feel like this is the year when things can really get moving for me. 

       According to the greats, one needs a slight edge to shine above, and that comes from persistence in doing small things consistently over time.  These are small things that are easy to ignore, and just as easy to do.

        So my motivation for this site and year is to be motivational for all of you. If you have suggestions, questions, intrigues, let me at them and we together will make this a great year.  Keep engaged and I will too!

        All the best for this special new year.


Katie Ghidossi



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