Hello, Dear New Year!!


To my lovely readers-near & far,


          Alright, 2017, we’ve all been waiting, and now it has arrived a beautiful January butterfly. We’re ready for all the challenges this year has to bring and all the surprises and adventures among which we will surely find ourselves.


         Okay okay, you got me, I’m an optimist!! And you can’t shake me down, so don’t even try.  I’ve lived in this challenging city for two years now and I have got the major things like rent, bills, networks, and lots of acting figured out (finally!), so I feel like this is the year when things can really get moving for me. 

       According to the greats, one needs a slight edge to shine above, and that comes from persistence in doing small things consistently over time.  These are small things that are easy to ignore, and just as easy to do.

        So my motivation for this site and year is to be motivational for all of you. If you have suggestions, questions, intrigues, let me at them and we together will make this a great year.  Keep engaged and I will too!

        All the best for this special new year.


Katie Ghidossi



Good days afoot!

LA Cityscape

Hello All!

Wow, it’s good to be back writing to you again. A lot has happened in this huge, enormous, gigantic city full of so many different people you wouldn’t even know who to shake a fist at first if you wanted to shake your fist.  I have found, over the last 6 months, that it is particularly hard to get settled in dear Los Angeles.  Over that time, I have lived in five different places, located all throughout LA: North, South, East, and West I have seen it! It never fails to amaze me how sprawling this city is.

But I feel like I am finally starting to get settled.  I have a place, at least, in a decent location that’s pretty centrally located, so I can get to where I need to be in a “timely” fashion.  Timely, in Los Angeles terms, takes into account traffic and rush hour and usually adds on an extra half hour at least.  But that’s alright, it’s just an obstacle.

I have started networking more and am really meeting some great people in the film/television industry.  I am working with people on scripts, going over lines, going all over to auditions, and job hunting! I’ve been expanding my horizons via public transportation , which really provides fodder for people-watching; it’s great.

Oh, also I just wrapped a two-week shoot on a student film in which I was the main character! The project is now in post-production and I will need to go in for pickups around October, and the final product is projected to be completed in November and ready for screening.  I will keep you posted.  The experience was so wonderful and something I definitely want to repeat and refine.

Thanks for checking in and reading, I hope you all are well!


Katie Ann

An on-set pic of me getting my bruises put on, by talented makeup artist Chris Butler.
An on-set pic of me getting my bruises put on, by talented makeup artist Chris Butler.

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Good days afoot!

This time three years ago….

July new york imtaI was in NYC!! I went to an IMTA convention with some friends for modeling and acting careers.

Three years ago! I can’t believe it, but a lot has happened in the last three years, so I kindof have to believe it.  IMTA in New York was a good experience and I learned quite a bit.  That is when I wanted to pursue acting for real, one day.  Three years later, goal is achieved, as in I’m full-time pursuing it! Ha! Now the goals are more developed and I’m strategizing all the time on how to attain my new goals of acting in comedy!

Time flying by can be an alright thing if lots is done in the meantime 🙂

Wishing you all well!

                             parker harris nyc streets 2 runway

This time three years ago….

Woooo Saaahhhh….

hearts blog

I went to an audition today for this really cool-seeming up and coming college-age director.  The movie seems like it will be really cool and dramatic, judging on the indiegogo film campaign he is running.

I did decently, I think. I had two monologues and I knew the lines cold. But as I got closer to getting in front of the people behind the waiting room door, my heart started pumping faster and I was rearing to go.  It was a rush when I got in. Not much conversation this time.  Straight and to the point.  That’s the way I like it, but it hasn’t happened that way very often for me.  Most times, they want to talk and find a bit about you first, and so I’ve been trying to master that.  But this was not that and I found it really conducive to my performance.  Thank you, director!

Next up is studying this book and taking the test. 

horoscope blog graphicsP.S. It’s a good day for Virgos 😉

Woooo Saaahhhh….

Let’s go, LA, let’s go!

I got back to town this week after a little hiatus and I am looking at this town from a goal-oriented mindset. I am a story teller.  I’m a decent story teller, too. I like to tell stories about people with ideas and thoughts.  I like to tell stories with other people; I like working in teams.  I want to find a team that where we all are allowed to put 100% of our efforts in to create something great.  Communication and honesty are good qualities when working with a team for a common goal. As I’m working through the day, which is mostly cleaning houses, I like to imagine cleaning in a castle or a dungeon or a ship and I make up stories to fit it.  It helps that I am working on a script from Orange Is The Black for class. So much to do now! I have to study lines, study and take my certification test and pass it, while concurrently applying for auditions and jobs, social media, work, work out, email, research research research. I’m not the best at any of these things. Yet. But I’m back and am sure working on changing that status. Cheers to another eventful week! Sincerely, Katie Ghi!

Gotta have some style to get by :)
Gotta have some style to get by 🙂
Let’s go, LA, let’s go!

New Headshots Shot Tomorrow!

Sunday Morning Sunshine :)
Sunday Morning Sunshine 🙂

Tuesdays are my acting-craft days. Well, all days are acting-craft days while I’ve been down here, but Tuesdays are especially special-to-me days. Tomorrow is Tuesday!

I have a photo shoot with a photographer in DTLA tomorrow morning, then I have class in studio city in the evening. I am really excited to get my headshots taken. I have grown a lot while I’ve been here and I’m ready to put my grown-up goofy self out there. I am going to look top game. “In order to get a million bucks, you need to look like one-million bucks.”

So I have my eyebrows done and my nails polished and my 2 nice outfits picked out and I’m ironing them now. I know what kind of shots I want and what thoughts I want to do. My roommate and I had a little mock-shoot last night (she’s so sweet!). Lots of water and I’m going to sleep soon.

I am prepped and ready to succeed!

New Headshots Shot Tomorrow!